About Us

Team K9 was created from a place of love for dogs and a passion for fostering bonds with them.

We specialise in preventing and rectifying behavioural problems, we structure our training program to suit your needs.

We use practical methods, and teach you how to effectively train and manage your dog.

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Our Story

Vienn, founder of Team K9 Training, is a professional dog trainer, mentored by some of the best trainers in the business.

She is a certified puppy instructor and also holds certification from the NDTF (National Dog Trainers Federation). She is experienced in tactical canine training, and have worked with specialised canine units.

Vienn’s training philosophy has been formed by her experiences. Being surrounded by dogs her whole life, she has learnt that engaging with dogs requires consistency and a willingness to work together. Her knack for reading a dog’s character, her patience and her determination have led her to become a leading professional dog trainer in Melbourne.

“It’s not just an interest for me anymore, it is my life. I devote all my time towards dog training now.” – Vienn, Founder Team K9.