Private Puppy Preschool

Private Puppy Preschool

Team K9’s Private Puppy Preschool is all about educating the pup’s family on the best way to raise their new puppy.

We want our puppies to grow up to be calm, confident, and well-socialised dogs. This 5 week program will give you the tools and knowledge necessary to give your dog the best possible start with you! These weekly sessions run between 1-1.5 hours per session in the comfort of your own home. Our trainers will come to your home to work through all the necessary training that you’ll need to start off. With the owner’s permission, we will also bring well-trained and trustworthy dogs to your house to work on socialisation with your pup.

This personalised training program provides many benefits for both the pup and the family, such as:

• Socialisation with other puppies and humans
• Exposure to different environments, items and situations
• Early obedience training
• Confidence building
• Bond building with their humans
• Each program is designed to cater to your puppy’s individual needs

Benefits for the owners:

• Learning how to handle and train your puppy
• Learn about canine communication
• Learn about puppy health and hygiene
• Learn about appropriate equipment and toys
• Learn strategies to help prevent problems and unwanted behaviour
• Meeting other puppy owners
• Building a bond with their puppy through learning and training
• We provide in-depth and informative information
• Flexible timing around school and work – we cater to your needs!

Prices are dependent on location, please contact us through our ‘Contact’ page for a quote.