Team K9 Bootcamps

Team K9 Bootcamps

Team K9’s bootcamps are obedience focused programs developed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and techniques required to better train and understand your dog.

With a maximum of 6 dogs per bootcamp, Team K9 favours a small class structure to ensure that your trainer can work with you and your dog at your skill level and pace.

All dogs must be over 16 weeks old; if your dog is under 16 weeks old, please check out our puppy preschool program here.

We offer three different programs to cater for a range of knowledge and obedience levels.

Basic Boot – $240

No prerequisites required

Covering all the basics over 6 weekly sessions, the Basic Boot will equip you with all the foundational skills you will need as a dog owner.

Although results may vary, the aims of the Basic Boot are to achieve:

  • Name recognition
  • Training techniques
  • Markers and Release Cues
  • Sit
  • Drops
  • Recall
  • Loose Lead walking
  • Leave it
  • Knowledge and practice in how to apply these skills in a real-life context

To enquire contact us here, or check out our next starting date here.

Intermediate Boot – $300

This course is for those who know the basics, and who want to take their training to the next level.

Over 8 consecutive weeks we will revise and refine the skills learnt in the Basic Boot, as well as cover a host of new skills.

Key to the intermediate level is the introduction of the three D’s of dog training – Distance, Duration and Distraction. This will develop your handling skills and increase your confidence with your dog in everyday situations.

Some of the additional skills covered in this course include:

  • Stand
  • Heel
  • Back-end awareness
  • All skills from basic boot with the addition of the three D’s
  • Understanding of how to apply these skills in a real-life context.

Dog owners wishing to take this class must first complete a self-assessment of both their and their dog’s knowledge and skill. Essential skills for Intermediate Boot are:

  • Basic sit, drop and recall with verbal commands only (I.e. without the use of treats to lure the dog into position)
  • Basic loose lead walking technique
  • Understanding of the concepts and use of markers and release words.

To make an inquiry as to whether you’re ready to jump straight into the Intermediate Boot, shoot us a line here.

To enquire contact us here, or check out our next starting date here.

Advanced Boot – $300

Our Advanced Boot Camp is all about putting those 3D’s to the test and extending the limits of what you and your dog can achieve.

Through this 8-week course we will solidify and extend the skills gained in the earlier levels and take your training to new heights.

It’s necessary you have skills matching the intermediate level at a minimum.

If you’re not sure what level best suits you, get in touch with the team here.

To enquire contact us here, or check out our next starting date here.


Booking in advance is required

Full payment of the course fee is required prior to your course start date. Please note that all Bootcamps are non-refundable.

Come prepared:

  • Bring proof of your dog’s C5 vaccination (required). If we do not see proof of this, we are unfortunately unable to allow you to participate in the class.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and flat shoes (no open toes).
  • Dogs must be on a leash and standard flat collar.
  • Bring treats for your dogs.